Title: Southern BG Casting, Currently seeking the following BG Actors… Atlanta, GA
Date: 11 March 2017 | 11:27 am

Southern BG Casting

We have a lot to post so sit down and have a read.

The roles listed below are going to be photo selected by the director.

We will list the category, & work date.

Please ONLY submit what you fit description wise.

You must be available the work date listed. Works in the Atlanta area. If you do not fit anything listed below do not worry we have many other roles.

Airline pilot types male and female ages 25-60. Caucasian .Very conservative. This is at a private airport. Work Date Tuesday 3/21 Rate 64/8
Subject: Fly high

Boardroom Executives. Ages 25-60. Male and females. All ethnicities. Must have business attire. You work for Blake Carrington very rich and successful company. Can also have a tech type look as well. PR types. Work Date Saturday March 25. Rate 64/8
Subject:Boardroom types

Male Server. Ages 25-50 any ethnicity. Must be really put together. You will be pouring lemonade. Would prefer someone with wait staff experience. Conservative look. Work date Wednesday March 29th Rate: 64/8
Subject: Lemonade please

Assistant Photographer. Ages 22-40. Male or female. Any ethnicity. Need to be a bit hip and trendy. Do not need to have experience but if you do please post. Work Date Wednesday march 29th. Rate 64/8
Subject: Photo trendy

House staff. Need very nice looking conservative types. Ages 30-60. Any ethnicity. You work at the carrington house (very rich family)as kitchen staff, or cleaning help etc. We might also need some of you for a few other days. At this point the work date is march Tuesday March 28th. Rate 64/8
Subject: Help please

Body guards. Think secret service men. Very conservative types. Ages 30-50. Well built. height 6’0-6’3. Any ethnicity. Need a dark business suit. Please let us know what you have. Work date Thursday March 30. Rate 64/8
Subject: Body guards

If you feel you fit any of the above categories and are available the work dates listed above please send a current photo of yourself with your height, weight and sizes. The category you are submitting for and a number we can reach you at.
e-mail: cwtvpilotatl@gmail.com


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