Company: Spaces of Fontana
Location: New York, NY
Compensation: Performance Stipend & Professional Performance Pictures.

Spaces of Fontana is looking for a male and female dancer for their next performance on Sunday July 23 for an audience of almost 500 people! We are recreating our newest 30 minute piece “Together Apart” for The Series by Ballet Inc. You will be also considered for future projects with the company. 

Spaces of Fontana is a movement collective focused on a continuous study of physical, emotional, spiritual and spatial relationships. We derive each moment in our movement from the world around us by using a visceral connection to combine abstract ideas with the concrete.

Commitment: 2 rehearsals per week, 1 hr tech rehearsal and performance on July 23rd. 

Email your headshot, resume and video you dancing to by EOD Sunday, June 4th.


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