“Lee Hedges is having a bad day, debts are piling up & he has just lost his job. With bailiffs about to take away everything he owns; Lee reluctantly agrees to be the getaway driver for two of his criminal mates. The plan is to rob a mysterious old man who some locals say is descended from an 18th Century Pirate Captain, whilst others say he actually is the Captain. The one thing they are certain of is that he has an enormous stash of doubloons. Despite the warnings of an old family friend, the three endeavour to liberate the gold for themselves.”

I’m 44 & doing an online Master’s Degree with a focus on Directing with Raindance/ Staffordshire Uni.This will be my final project of the course & my intention is to submit to a number of Horror Film Festivals worldwide in 2017 including the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

I’m shooting this on the weekends of the 15th/16th & 22nd/23rd October in a few locations around Derbyshire.
I have some great locations, an awesome cast & crew, but unfortunately my Makeup artist can’t do the project now.
Thanks to the locations I have secured, the production value will look like a huge budget.
I will obviously cover the cost of your materials & can cover travel expenses for someone local to Derby.
You will also get fed well; no cheap nasty pizzas!
My team are all really keen & some are travelling quite a distance at their own expense to be involved.
If you are recently trained & looking for a project to showcase your work, then this may be of interest to you.

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Special FX Make up Artist

I need someone who can do basic make up on the actors, but mainly it’s the gore I need. Here is the kind of wounds I’ll need: slashes from swords, welts from whipping & rope burns on the neck from hanging. Some other minor cuts & bruising from a beating & I think that pretty much covers it.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Derby, United Kingdom

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