Executive Producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey are casting now for an all new series full of variety. The entire focus of the show will be kids with their extraordinary talents, along with their quirkiness and ideas of having fun with others.

Though the show is not a competition, it actually incorporates the feeling of how kids from 14 years of age and below celebrate along with their uniqueness with other children. If you are a parent and your kid has something amazing, entertaining or just the talent to be funny then its best that your register immediately.

This American children televisions show focuses primarily on their talents, it first premier on NBC took place on March 8th 2016. The series is co-produced by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres, with mostly Harvey serving as the host for the hour-long show.

So far the show has seen two seasons and nine episodes in total, with every episode lasting for an hour each. The basic theme and idea behind the show is for Harvey to showcase young dancers, singers, musicians, and every kind of wunderkind in the country.

The upcoming season for Little Big Shots is going to air in 2016, and all children with surprising talents are invited from ages 3 to 14 years. The show’s prime focus is to celebrate, and at the same time, showcase these talented young minds. Let this be made clear that the show isn’t any sort of a competition or a form of a game show of any kind.

The information provided is vital for the parent /legal guardian. This will provide you with log-in access with an email address and password. Once the registration is complete, you can use your profile whenever you want and update any information and also receive messages from the creator of the show.

The process for registration contains 3 basic steps such as:

  1. Basic Questions
  2. Personal Questions
  3. Photos and Video Uploads

In order to become eligible for participation you will be asked to upload 2 videos:

  • 1st video for introduction.
  • 2nd video for showcasing your child’s talent.

Both videos need to be uploaded in order for your submission to be regarded as complete which will then lead the owner’s of the show to choose your child for the next episode of Little Big Shots.

The Registration Window asks for the following information:

  1. Parents/Guardian’s D.O.B. (Date of Birth)
  2. Parent/ Guardian’s Full Name
  3. Parent/ Guardian’s Email Address
  4. Parent/ Guardian’s New Password
  5. Child’s Full Name, D.O.B., Height, Gender, & other Miscellaneous Information

It is important to note that each registration is offered an application number that is unique and different from the others. For any further queries feel free to contact: littlebigshotscasting@gmail.com.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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