Company: Suku Dance Lab
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Suku Dance Lab is seeking for 2 female dancers with Afro Latinx/Afro Carribean look or background for our upcoming project “Me Hago Falta” premiering Fall 2017.

Paid performance opportunity.

Seeking 2 female dancers with strong contemporary modern technique and theatrical performance. Dancers with Afro Latinx / Carribean features and background are especially encouraged to apply. Dancers must have professional work ethic and ability to immerse in collaborative based processes. Dancers will be sharing their stories as women of color in the United States, exploring ideas surrounding warped identity and disconnect from cultural identity.

If interested in auditioning, please submit a headshot, one minute video of yourself dancing, and a short paragraph describing your experience as a woman of color living in the United States (Where do you feel your community is? Where do you feel most safe?). Please submit them to 

Me Hago Falta, which translate to “I am missing myself”, is an interdisciplinary dance theater piece exploring the relationship between the pride and prejudices present in the Afro Latinex community in America. Director Talia Moreta calls upon various Afro Latinex artists of different medium to tell the story of an ambiguous Latina woman who represents the struggle our community faces to break stereotypes and rise up in finding our identity. Dancers and artists will act as narrators and guide the audience through the space with cinematic and dynamic scenes constructed through research, and scripted from experiences of the artists involved.

For more info about the project, visit



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