We are adding new members to our agency. Looking for the top talented male singers who would like to be the next pop star.

Whether you won or lost. or did not even compete on the Voice of Germany you could be that star.

Our producer/talent coach began music at the age of five. Started performing in recording studios at 13 years old and by 15 was producing projects and learning music industry. As a keyboardist versed in many different musical styles (Jazz, Classical, Pop, Electronica, Rock, Ballads… ), and training of one instrument from each musical instrument group, it gives him great advantages when writing / composing new songs, arranging, dueling as a sound and recording engineer, producer, with experience in video/tv/movie production.
Educated/Trained in piano performance, jazz improvisation, music theory, recording studio production, tv and film production, Ear and Vocal and songwriting. He has performed on hundreds of CDs, including 10 of his own. He has played on the Tonight Show, and national radio / TV networks, and because of his studio experience has had the privilege to work with several music celebrities. He surrounded himself with like people, who also have been successful in their music careers. He has played for several bands, and been on numerous tours. He has won several music competitions and helped accompany competing artists on various TV music competition shows.

This unique experience gives you direct advance, not only to contacts in the industry, if you are serious enough, but also to the skills that can help you go from skill level to skill level in your music.

You must be a responsible and stick to commitments, even when they may interfere with other social agendas. Time management is of the essence.

Ideal candidates will be from the Bayern location area, but this casting is not limited to.

Auditions are done one on one.

We want to choose some top talent quickly and have your next superstar CD and music ready by the end of the summer or fall this year.


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