Seeking expressions of interest | actor or actress for minor role

Bring to life ‘The Contract’ – the first project from script incubator ‘A Fistful of Scripts’.

Project possibilities? Take your pick:
Stand-alone project | pitch project to present to commercial networks | web-series in 3 parts | TV series in 6 parts

Either way you’ll get an IMDB credit.

In April 2011, ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ presented ‘The Contract’ as a short play in a cold reading format. At 12 minutes in length, the audience was thoroughly captivated and engaged to the point of insisting the script was better suited to a TV series format.

Amazingly, the talented cast remain fully committed to the project, ready and raring to go (given sufficient notice among other things).

With the original script for stage evolving into a screenplay, a minor role has been created.

Previously the character was alluded to but unseen. A short scene with minimal dialogue has been devised.

Primarily, I am seeking an actor whose outlook is that there is no such thing as a small part. This role will become larger in the greater scheme of things. It’s presence is designed to evolve.

Auditions not required for this role. Three to four people will be shortlisted based on showreels and/or strength of their previous screen credits. I’ll send the script, arrange to meet to have a chat etc so you can ask all the questions you may have to suss out if this is for you. Please note: ‘In Development’ per IMDB – shooting is not yet imminent.

The script is available for review.

In terms of project outcome, the script works equally well as a stand-alone item, a pitch to present for consideration to commercial networks or at the very least a web-series in 3 parts. Take your pick.

Either way you’ll get an IMDB credit.

Available upon application at our BLOG site, please see stills provided in the Youtube trailers compiled into teasers. These stills aim to provide plenty of guidance as to the tone and style I am seeking to portray overall. Note, while the stills are evocative they lack action.

Paid gig.

As far as remuneration goes for this pitch project I am looking to go way outside square and beyond the usual standard box and dice funding models, which will be discussed with successful applicant.

It’s ambitious. But – per the details below – much of the groundwork has already been done.

Callumny Films feels now is the ideal time to bring to life ‘The Contract’ as the first project from the incredibly successful, respected and well-received series: ‘A Fistful of Scripts’. The script incubator began mid-2010 running at Theatreworks, St Kilda during the outstanding tenure of General Manager Dan Clarke, who has now moved onto bigger, greener commercial pastures at The Melbourne Arts Centre.

ABOUT THE CONTRACT | short, 12-15 minutes
STM Asia Pacific Constructions is pinning its future to its biggest ever project: ‘Eastern Metropol Train Station’.

The worst storm in 100 years wreaks havoc on the city and its new landmark, causing $60 000 in damages and clean-up costs per week. Friendships fracture. Fingers point. Accusations fly. Alliances shift. Spin and counter-spin.

It’s every man, woman and back-stabbing bastard for themselves.


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