Company: Jess Grippo Creations

We are a global, diverse community of artists and activists committed to building a protective force field of love and light from the dark forces at play in our country and the world.

If you’ve seen the new Netflix series, The OA, you’ll be familiar with “the five movements”. (We won’t give it away… watch the show ASAP if you haven’t yet!!) We’re going to use this gestural language as a way to unite people, reclaim our freedom, and heal our world.


When: Sunday March 19th at 12pm (meet at 11am)
Where: Columbus Circle Area, NYC – In front of Trump Hotel
Who: Anyone who was moved by The OA, People wanting to move/dance and emote passionately for the greater good and healing of our planet

There will be 2 rehearsals leading up to the main event. 

All details and SIGN UP are here:

We are looking for 5 dance captains, as well. 


To prepare for this epic day, make sure to start practicing the 5 movements with two brand new tutorial videos created by event co-host Jess Grippo.

You’re also welcomed to come to class on Monday nights where we are incorporating the movements into other fun, jazzy choreography. Class details here: use code OA for a special rate. 


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