Dark Crime Comedy Set in Wellington Requires 8 Actors for speaking roles – Keeping film details to a minimum to begin with but will provide more info to those involved.

Film is set around two young wannabe criminals and their exploits.

Two Main Characters are aspiring two youngish male criminals

Main Character One: The Smarter of the two but still no genius slightly more serious.
Main Character Two: Definitely the not as intelligent of the two, is but will provide more of the humour. – Role Filled

Two Opposites to the main characters
Are similar two the main characters but will be kinda dooshy mirror versions of them, with one being the brains of the operation and the other being the comedic value.

Two Female Characters
One being an innocent bystander the other being a bit more of a wolf in sheeps clothing, playing dumb but not what she seems. 20-35 females required, main female needs to have good range and bring good energy characters personality changes a few times during the story. – ROLES CAST

One Large imposing person required to play the role of an old school crime figure in flash back scene no dialogue for this but an interesting look would be good. Preferably an older gentleman.

Need a confident person to be the films narrator there will be live on screen acting required for the this as well and normal voice over work, so confident acting and being comfortable talking in public would be ideal. Preferably a male around 30 – 50 years with good energy and a unique look. ROLE CAST

Unfortunately this film will be unpaid.

Food and Transport will be provided within reason.


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