Title: Tona B. Dahlquist Casting MR. MERCEDES (Charleston, SC) FEMALE POLICE OFFICER for FRIDAY 5/5.
Date: 4 May 2017 4:47 pm

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

MR. MERCEDES (Charleston, SC)

Had one of our FEMALE POLICE OFFICERS cancel for FRIDAY 5/5.

Once again -this ALL THRU NIGHT Filming. Meaning -Call time will be in the afternoon (maybe 4:40 pm or so)

and filming until Saturday morning.

Let us know ASAP if available and interested in being considered.

Submission should be sent to rmercedesextras@gmail.com with heading FRIDAY FEMALE POLICE.

Make sure you have included your height/weight and clothing sizes for uniform purposes in case you are selected.


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