Title: Tona B. Dahlquist Casting Outcast -In addition to the guys needed Friday…… Rock Hill, SC
Date: 3 November 2016 | 8:36 pm


Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

Outcast -In addition to the guys needed Friday…….which we have sent photos and are waiting for director’s selection…..we need 2 More EMT or Fire Fighter Types for MONDAY 11/7 -OUTCAST -ROCK HILL.
2 Strong Males. $125 PAY RATE. Needing 2 EMT/Paramedic, Firefighter types, Gym Rats – two strong males for filming.
Will be carrying a cast member. Needs to be able to do such comfortably and safely. Should be 5’10 or taller.
These folks will need to be 100% available on Monday -this means from early am until wrap that day. We do not know the time during out filming day this scene will be shot. This is NOT an all night filming day -but during Day hours.
These guys will be photo selected by director.
Please submit current photo,name, age, phone, height/weight,clothing sizes, city/state you reside -and if you have EMT or such experience. Please make sure you have ALL of your clothing sizes included as wardrobe will need to have multiples of your wardrobe. Include Height/Weight, T-shirt Size, Neck/Sleeve, Pants -waist and inseam and shoe size along with your current photo, name, age, phone, city/state you reside and any EMT or Fire Fighter Experience you may have.
Submissions should be sent to outcastrequest@gmail.com with heading 11/7 MALE REQUEST.


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