Feature film name ‘Cade’ to be filmed in August in Wellington city. Cade is a character study film about a middle aged comedian having a nervous breakdown. Two roles available, one is a woman in late thirties, a florist, who is the love interest of the title character. The other is a young friend who he has take under his wing. Full screenplay available upon request. Please contact 021426148 for more details.


Ange is feels very distinctly that she is alone at her age. She is a very self aware person. Her interest in Cade has been nurtured for many year. Her father is Cade’e close friend. Unfortunately for Ange cannot turn off her interest in Cade, he has a unique and intense way of being in this world which she has never found in anyone else. Ange is a florist and can’t help but attempt to make something beautiful out of whatever she finds.

Females, aged 35 to 45 from Wellington, New Zealand

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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Diane is Cade’s step daughter. She has know him since she was six years old. Though they do not live together any more, Cade is still fiercely protective of her. Diane now lives will another family, and an abusive one, and frequently escapes to be with Cade. Diane dresses in a sort of gothic way and is very much an introvert.

Females, aged 18 to 21 from Wellington, New Zealand

  • Minimum Acting experience:

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