Synopsis: A boy and a girl who have both grown up in the church and lost touch run into each other by chance in the future. One has left the church and the other still attends. They both return to their small town they grew up in and discuss God and the state of the church in today’s day and age.

This short film would be shot in the blue mountains in the town of Lithgow with scenes also in Sydney. It is very much a dialogue driven film. The two lead roles will be paid. The shoot dates would be set over two periods: Mid- May 2016 and Mid-October 2016 with each time period intending to show years apart (so actors will have to change appearance significantly in October)

The film will be about 20 mins long. Seeking anyone with any form of experience in screen acting and with any form of a christian background would be helpful. Open to any nationalities as long they appear Australian and could be from a small town. This film will be shot on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k.


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