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What happens after you fall in love? Is it a guaranteed happy ending? Can love conquer all, despite the personal hang-ups, fears, and dramas that comprise the nature of human relationships? This is the question posed by A Lifetime Of Harmony, a romantic drama Created by Gabrielle Nicole. This vehicle seeks to portray another side of black culture and is an ode to black people, to Philadelphia, to music, to love, to words.

A Lifetime Of Harmony tells the story of Entertainment Lawyer, Geronimo Mosley and Artist Liaison for independent artists, Harmony Steele, two young twenty-somethings who are going through a quarter-life crisis. They meet when Harmony mistakenly goes into the men’s room before a pre-concert press conference, and are instantly attracted to one another. Geronimo, skillfully attempts to woo Harmony who is jaded by a past love and leery because she witnesses the behind the scenes workings of infidelity and the no holds barred tactics of groupies in the entertainment industry.

From there, the two characters are magnetically drawn to each other but find it hard to forge a physical relationship because of their complicated their emotional relationship — is this love? Am I ready for a relationship? Will my career become a barrier to trusting in this type of often long distance relationship? The audience will be pulled into a very realistic plot of two lovers trying to find common ground, fighting past their own self-interest and fears, societal norms, and really bad advice from friends.

A Lifetime Of Harmony gives insight into the small random selection of the saints and sinners from both codes during a time when the good guys once again went to war with the bad guys. A Lifetime Of Harmony is packed with conmen, scoundrels and rogues yet it emphasizes the fact that not all the people in the entertainment business are good guys and not all the people in the business are the bad guys. It’s murky out there.

Auditions will be held Saturday, April 2, 2016

Time: 10am to 1pm


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