Title: Two Young Male Actors Required for Lead Roles in Student Short Film (16mm)

This short film follows Ollie and Charlie, two reckless and misunderstood teenage boys, walking home from a house-party. Their intimate conversation leads to surprising revelations about life and teenage problems. We are looking for two young males (preferably between the ages of 18 – 21) to play the roles of Ollie and Charlie. The Walk Home will be shot in one-take on 16mm film, starting in a house party and ending up on the street. The two boys will initially come across as repulsive and as “bad” kids; smoking, drinking and using ill-mannered profanity. As they continue their walk home, the two adolescent boys delve into an intimate heart-to-heart conversation, in which they strip down to their true-selves and diminish their highly reputable apathetic facades.

Ollie tells Charlie that he has just recently gotten out of a long term relationship. Despite putting up a brave-front to everyone and acting like he doesn’t care, he is actually feeling lonely and confused. He hasn’t engaged in any sexual activity with a girl since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend because he hasn’t moved on from her yet. He tells Charlie that he would feel guilty if he hooked up with another girl.

Charlie reveals to Ollie that he is in the middle of a kid-life-crisis and is afraid of growing up. He simply doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life and is scared because everyone else has already started to get their life together. He’s not going to university this year because he doesn’t know what he wants to do. He feels a constant sense of disappointment from his parents because they think that he’s doing nothing with his life, and that he’s a lazy kid who doesn’t care about anything. This really affects him, because he want’s them to be proud of him. Charlie is sick and tired of the constant social pressures that are constantly being thrown at him.

Auditions dates to be determined.


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