From the winning playwright of the Mon Sans Female Playwright Competition comes MONROE.

A biopic drama about the legendary pop culture icon Marilyn Monroe.

This play details her love life with some of the most notorious men of the decade from Arthur Miller to Joe DiMaggio and her first love James Dougherty.

A brilliant piece of theater set to expand the minds of the populace about the feminist, the lover, the performer and star: MONROE.

MONROE is set to be performed at the King Street Theatre for a 3 to 5 day season late July. Rehearsals will begin late April.

Commitments required all of May, June and July, you will also be helping with publicity and production throughout those months.

Joe DiMaggio

Italian American, tall with dark features. DiMaggio himself was a famous American icon, representing American baseball and athletics. He was an extremely possessive and somewhat aggressive towards Marilyn in their short marriage, expecting her to conform to his housewife fantasy he wanted her to fulfil. He was unhappy with her sexual performances in the film industry and tried to tame her, however ultimately pushed her away into divorcing. They continued their friendship years later.

Males, aged 25 to 30 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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