Title: Urgent: Trapped Inside a Music Video

We are urgently looking for a dancer/actor to play our NURSE.

While enjoying some classic cleaning dance, the janitor realizes that too much fun is indeed no fun.

If this sounds interesting to you please apply! This short 6 minute film is basically a music video, but the characters realise they are stuck in the loop. We will be filming in the the Southbank Griffith Campus and the filming date is:

8th of October, 8AM – 5:30PM

We also have a group rehearsal this Saturday (1st of October) from 12PM – 4PM.

A JANITOR starts dancing during his cleaning shift. His enthusiasm draws a MALE TEACHER, a FEMALE NURSE, 2 UNI STUDENTS to join the dance with him. They finish dancing on the stage, feeling like the stars of a dancing show. However, something is not quite right as the janitor realizes that he is somehow back at the beginning of his shift again and it seems like the dance never happened. Despite this incident, he still starts dancing again, along with the teacher, the nurse, and the 2 uni students. They finish the dance the second time, but still, there’s something off about this dance. Suddenly, the janitor sees himself back at the beginning again. The music is on, and his hands start moving along with the music, even though he does not want to. As the dance coming to the end, everyone starts to realize that they cannot stop dancing. These people are trapped inside and eternal loop and they must find a way to get out of this nightmare.

The purpose of this project is to be handed in as a first year Griffith Film School Assignment. This would be a great opportunity to use scenes from this in your portfolio or simply as some experience. As we are students we are not able to pay you for your time, so this is a volunteer position, but, there will be catering for you on the day.


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