Title: Urgent: Woman of Colour Wanted for Short Video

***We are in desperate need of a woman of colour for a video shoot, as our talent has had to pull out***

In particular, we are hoping for a woman over the age of 25. Thanks.

When: Mon 21 March
Where: Brunswick, Melbourne
Time: 10.20am-11.00am

Video synopsis:
We are making a video for an upcoming campaign for a non-profit org. This campaign is focussed on women’s rights, specifically the rights of women seeking asylum in Australia. In this video, we are interviewing everyday women about their views on safety, and people seeking asylum. This interview is unscripted, but we do provide questions and prompts to help you talk about the topic.

None of the women featured are experts on women’s rights or government policy. It’s intended to be conversational, and accessible to everyday Australians.

Where will this video be used?
This video will be used on our campaign website and on social media. You will be referred to by your first name only 🙂

What should you wear?
Whatever makes you feel comfortable! Please note, stripes or intricate/busy patterns may distract viewers.

Who’s on the production team?
This video has been commissioned by the Victorian Women’s Trust
Film maker: Bree Dunbar | Sound and editing: Ally Oliver-Perham | Talent Coordinator: Lou Mapleston


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