Previous voice over or game work is required.
Confidence in front of a microphone is a must.
Great opportunity on a high profile job and may lead to further recording opportunities.

Trailer record: Wed 6th and Thurs 7th April
Auditions: 13th, 14th, or 15th April
Feature record: 3rd-20th May

Using the role breakdown , we want your interpretation of the character’s voices, reading the lines below:



I want to talk to you. What happened? I don’t get it. Jade couldn’t stop rambling. She didn’t know how to explain it.

Look, Gregorio, I didn’t come so you can disrespect me and tell me all these things. I just came because I want to know what happened with Violetta and
give you a hand, Gregorio.


Something must have happened to her. I called, and her phone ‘s off. I don’t know, it’s weird. Vilu. You okay? Where were you?

But what happened? Vilu, why were you late?

(sl cm exhale) You need a big hug, no questions asked.

Oh, Violetta is always responsible, and you know it, Gregorio. It was the first time she was late for a rehearsal.

(sl frustrated exhale)

Oh, come on, Gregorio. You taught her like any other teacher at this studio.You helped with her education, but nothing more.”

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