I’m looking for a woman role to help me with a small music video next week –

If your keen to get behind the camera and explore Adelaide let me know.

Basically, I’m looking to shoot you in the most interesting places I can maybe walking around the city in the day/night – Then dancing at the beach on a cold day.

Cut to sitting at home ect.

I have just purchased a new camera and I need to take it out for a spin.

I’m just putting this out into the ether to see if someone wants to collaborate and would suit someone in their 20’s to 30’s with a strong dance history.

If you have some videos of your work that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Will be great for a show reel etc. I’m planning to make a few short films within the year and I’m looking for talent in Adelaide.

Unpaid word _

Get in touch with me if you would like by applying here.


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