Please read all information on the project and information about how to apply carefully. Please note we are NOT looking for any other roles, other than the one outlined below.

We are looking for a young boy, aged 8-11, any ethnicity, any accent.

We meet this child when he appears on a talk show after becoming a youtube sensation through his rapping/singing impersonations, much like Sophia Grace did after her youtube video reached millions of views and she appeared on the Ellen Show.

We do not want a child who looks like a mini gangster rapper. We want a child who is quirky, we are particularly interested in large/chubby children or it could be that they have a ginger afro or have big ears. We are looking for suggestions of all ethnicities.The child doesn’t necessarily need to be an amazing rapper/singer – as ultimately they will be lip syncing for the show. If they prefer singing to rapping that is fine. What is most important is their performance style and their ability to move/dance when performing.

Here is a link to a video by the singer “Drake” to give you a steer of the kind of performance we are looking for. You do NOT need to imitate this video, your child may have their own personal flair and style when they rap, as we say this is just to give you a steer:

It is about more than being able to learn the lines to a rap/song, we need a child who really tries to embody their favourite artists when the sing/rap along to them. They perform with conviction, and their heart and soul.

After the child’s youtube video has been shown on the talk show the host is then overheard being mean about the child and making personal comments. It is important that the child playing this role has a thick skin and understands, that these comments are not real, they are part of the story line and in fact the joke is very much on the presenter getting caught being mean than it is about the child.

In addition to being able to rap the child needs to be able to portray being crushed and upset by the presenter’s comments. Apart from the rapping he will have no additional dialogue but there will be this reaction shot.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more


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