Back in 2013 I made 2 comedy videos “MOBSTERS” about 2 weird mobsters which was supposed to be youtube webseries but, unfortunately that didn’t go to plan due to health issues.

Now 3 years later I would like to bring it back to life with new characters and stories. Create (hopefully) weekly or fortnightly 2-3 minutes videos shot over weekends about those 2 mobsters’ adventures, but, to make it happen I need people.

I am looking for people who would like to become part/friends of our group behind camera: camera operators, sound ect (equipment Canon 60D, Zoom h4N and more can be provided)… people with crazy ideas and who want to create a regular YouTube content. Must be familiar and interested in YouTube and know how it works.

I have the necessary low budget equipment, camera and sound reorders mentioned above plus, 4ft jip crane, slider and more… (soon to also have a DJI drone) But, no people.

Now, I know this is an unpaid opportunity, however, there is a lot of potential for the videos and gaining youtube following. The latest video got over 5k views without any promotion and it was also mentioned on a few blogs as well as in a book about webseires and I believe if we make a regular videos the following will grow each week which will bring attention, brand sponsorship and £’s, but, before that can happen, commitment, positivity and hard work to make it happen is essential.

This industry is not easy to break into but, with strong creative team with the same goal, this can be done.

YouTube: rackaracka – nigahiga – – smosh – cinemates – to get the idea

You can also see the last video from 2013 we made to see what it is all about: link supplied upon application.

If that sounds like something you’d like to become part of for either short or longer period of time, please apply and shoot with questions.



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